Giant hairy berries.

Sometimes, on my MSc course, I learnt things that really stuck with me. Things that once you know, you can’t un-know. One such thing is that oranges are full of hairs. The fruit type is called a ‘hesperidium’ and each little juicy bit in an orange is, in fact, a swollen-to-bursting-point trichome, or plant hair.

Botanically, oranges are actually a type of berry. That makes them giant berries filled with hair.

Enjoy your breakfast juice!

Apple is unimpressed by Orange's attempt at a pun and its fruit morphology.

Apple is unimpressed by Orange’s attempt at a pun and also its carpological morphology.



About adelecmj

I'm a PhD student at the Open University, where I study pollen-vegetation relationships in Ghana. I like plants, rocks, and science in general.
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