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I'm a PhD student at the Open University, where I study pollen-vegetation relationships in Ghana. I like plants, rocks, and science in general.

Horse Chestnuts

I love conkers. As a little girl, I’d hoard the shiny brown seeds in autumn, hiding them away somewhere only to be dismayed upon coming back to them that they’d lost their beautiful lustre, fading and shrivelling into sad, dull … Continue reading

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Spore does suspiciously good impression of YMCA.

In my PhD interview, an (unofficial) question was asked of me; ‘What is your favourite plant?’ It’s a question I always struggle to find an answer for, partially because I’m chronically indecisive, but mainly because there are just too many exciting plants … Continue reading

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The Anthropocene Review – reviewed

Originally posted on Ecology of the past:
The Anthropocene Review is a new journal focusing on the impact of humans on planet Earth through time; information on the latest publications can be found on the associated blog. Given that much…

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Go home, berries, you’re drunk.

What is a fruit? Botanically, this could lead you down a never ending pathway of obscure, highly specific yet often ill-defined and little used lingo, most of which boils down to ‘Well, err, fruit is complicated’. Frankly, fruit doesn’t know what … Continue reading

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Ghanaian fieldwork; we survived, and so did our samples (just about).

Fieldwork is always an exhausting combination of hard work, exciting places, new experiences and (often) mind boggling amounts of organisational and logistical slog. Ghana did not disappoint on any of these fronts. Luckily, Phil had done a brilliant job of … Continue reading

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Is it a grass? Is it a plane?

I will admit it has been a while, but I’m back! Oh no! And I have tales of botanical adventure most shocking. I’ve just started on a PhD in the department of Environment, Earth and Ecosystems at the Open University. … Continue reading

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Daisies are not flowers. Neither are Dandelions, Thistles, Marigolds, Sunflowers, Dahlias and a whole host of other well-known plants with the archetypal ‘flower’ structure, as illustrated here with a glorious paint job by yours truly. No, my friends, I am … Continue reading

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